Monday, January 14, 2008
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1. rules test

Pop (Pu Liu)

Friday, January 04, 2008
android xmpp demo

Pop (Pu Liu)

Android, xmpp sample app
1. Simulator's XMPP settings
       At first, run the emulator and registered gmail account
'' by [Home / App / Dev Tools / XMPP Settings] and made sure the
item 'Stay connected to server' was checked.

2. Simulator's im.db
In order to send data message, you need to inform android that the jid
and resource name are 'data message capable'.

--- launch adb shell ( <SDK>/tools/adb.exe in Windows)
C:\android_sdk_windows_m3-rc37a\tools>adb shell
----launch sqlite3 to insert one record to the im.db
From an adb remote shell, you can use the sqlite3(, command-line program to manage SQLite databases created by Android applications.
#cd /data/data/
# sqlite3 im.db

sqlite3 im.db
SQLite version 3.5.0
Enter ".help" for instructions
sqlite> select * from xmppDataMessageCapable;
select * from xmppDataMessageCapable;
sqlite> insert into xmppDataMessageCapable (bare_jid,resource) values ('pop.liu@','localhost');
insert into xmppDataMessageCapable (bare_jid,resource) values ('','localhost');
sqlite> select * from xmppDataMessageCapable;
select * from xmppDataMessageCapable;
sqlite> .exit

3. run ApiDemos --> App/Service/Xmpp Data Message Sender
input "" then click "Send Message"

Pop (Pu Liu)

Thursday, January 03, 2008
reference books for good UI design
1. Alan Dix, Janet Finlay, Gregory D. Abowd, and Russell Beale: Human-Computer Interaction
2. Ben Shneiderman and Catherine Plaisant: Designing The User Interface
3. Donald A. Norman, The Design Of Everyday Things
4. Jenny Preece, Yvonne Rogers, and Helen Sharp: Interaction Design
5. Jef Raskin, The Humane Interface
6. Terry Winograd (ed.): Bringing Design to Software
7. Brenda Laurel (ed.): The Art of Human-Computer Interaction
8. Apple Computer: The Apple Software Design Guidelines []

Keep in mind that testing your UI on real users is very important. Just because you think it's a good UI doesn't make it a good UI.

Pop (Pu Liu)

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