Thursday, August 26, 2004
Welcome to .NET Remoting section of C# Corner. In this section, you will find various Remoting related source code samples, articles, tutorials, and tips.

Distributed Computing using .NET Remoting
How Remoting works?
Client<--->Proxy (Transparent Proxy<--->Real Proxy) <---> Formatter
<----->Formatter<---->Remote Object

User can customize the real proxy,formatters,channels

Two types of Remote objects:
Client Activated Object:Client can control the lifetime of remote objects.
CAO is created by using new keyword.

Server Activated Object:SingleCall/Singleton. The lifetime of ASO is
controlled by server.

a SingleCall SAO is stateless.
a Singleton SAO serves multiple clients and is stateful.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004
> 1 soldiers in Iraq use protective vest that can stop bullets and shrapnel.

Chain-growth polymerization occurs when an activated site on a chemical,such as a free radical or ion, adds to a double bond, producing a new bondand a new by activated location. That location then attacks another doublebond, adding another unit to the chain, and a new reactive end. The processmay be repeated thousands, or millions, of times, to produce very largemolecules.Very straight chains of polyethylene can form strong crystalline structureswhich exhibit exceptional strength. Protective fabrics made from this typeof highly structured polyethylene are virtually impossible to penetrate orcut.

> 2.spider silk is garnished from the milk of goat the latest issue of Science, the researchers report that they've managedto successfully create artificial spider silk that's nearly as good as thereal thing — and without involving a single spider.How? Turner and his team of bio scientists took the genes responsible forcreating spider silk into the cells of mammals, such as goats. Using thosegenes, the re-engineered goats were then able to produce in their milk thesame protein that makes up spider's silk.

> 3 a grocery clerk scans your items to ascertain the price, Short for charge-coupled device, an instrument whose semiconductors areconnected so that the output of one serves as the input of the next. Digitalcameras, video cameras, and optical scanners all use CCD arrays.A material that is neither a good conductor of electricity (like copper) nora good insulator (like rubber). The most common semiconductor materials aresilicon and germanium. These materials are then doped to create an excess orlack of electrons.

> 4,velcro other common polyamide fiber polymer is nylon 6. Its monomer has sixcarbons in the chain, with an amine at one end and an acid at the other.Thus only one form of monomer is needed to conduct the reaction. Commercialproduction of nylon 6 makes use of caprolactam, a derivative which providesthe same result.

> 5 a parasitic fly is a source of inspiration for designing better hearing aids
Can not find a related chemistry principle

Due to its effectiveness, noncorrosivity, nonflammability and ease ofrecycling, few solvents matched TCE in cleaning and degreasingAcute exposure to relatively high levels of the chemical has been linked todamage of vital organs and the nervous system. Exposure to lowerconcentrations over a long period has been linked to chronic illnesses,including cancer

> 7 Drill type device approved for stroke victims.
what is a stroke

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Swimming pool schedule

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