Wednesday, July 21, 2004
ASP.NET and Office Automation

I tried to create Outlook automation obeject under ASP.NET.
But failed.

Another approach could use a dedicated server which holds
the Outlook automation object. This server communicates with
the ASP.NET via Remoting. It should be feasible. OGSI.NET uses
this approach.
ASP.NET and Excel automation
Including security stuff, very helpful
The Outlook object model
Microsoft Outlook VB Reference

Monday, July 19, 2004
A new web blog address for BPEL stuff

Sunday, July 18, 2004
SOA "Service Oriented Architecture"
Read the following links to get the basic idea of SOA

Another good paper about misconceptions about web services
Web Services are not Distributed Objects: Common Misconceptions about Service Oriented Architectures

Wednesday, July 14, 2004
WSE 2.0 tutorial

One from MSDN

Another good site for WSE 2.0 tutorial:

1. SoapEnvelopes
2. SoapServices and SoapClients
3. SoapSenders and SoapReceivers
4. SoapMessageQueue

Waiting for
1. Custom Soap*Filters
2. Soap Routers
3. Security services
4. Attachment stuff

Grid 2004 Reviewer site

userID: 26
password: same as email account

Monday, July 12, 2004
Oracle BPEL
Go through most of the examples, including
1. Tutorial 3,6 and 7
2. Amazon search

Problems found:
Sometimes need to remove *.jar files from
to properly deploy things.

Sandeep's WebBlog

Sunday, July 11, 2004
.NET WebServices VS Remoting

This paper compared performance of .NET WebServices and Remoting

Saturday, July 10, 2004
more ...

Inside of ChainStream()

This good post is from,guid,eafeef67-c240-44cc-8550-974f5d378a8f.aspx

This post analyzed SoapExtension in detail and recommended MSE custom filters.

public override Stream ChainStream(Stream stream)


//This flag will be set to true during the AfterDeserialize

//handler in ProcessMessage()

if( !bPostDeserialize)


//We’re deserializing the message, so stream is our input


this.inputStream = stream;

this.outputStream = new MemoryStream();

return outputStream;




//We’re serializing the message, so stream is the

//destination of our bits

this.inputStream = new MemoryStream();

this.outputStrem = stream;

return inputStream;



Implementing ChainStream in this way allows code that actually does the message processing to always be able to read from this.inputStream and write to this.outputStream, regardless of where in the message processing cycle the code currently is.

.NET WebService performance test

Found one link which is talking about a tester for
.NET WebService Performance

SoapExtension and Cache

Found one related thread at

It is not much to solve the problem though.

Friday, July 09, 2004
XQuery Implementation List

Compiler Information

A comprehensive site for Compiler
yacc Information
A simple Tutorial about bison
Bison Tutorial

There is a noticeable trend in BPEL.
In March 2004, IBM and BEA suggested to embed Java snippet into BPEL(

The following links are about the result of it, namely BPELJ.

Likewise, we have three options for our mobile code:
1. Pure XML script languages like BPEL, XQuery/XPath
2. Pure programming languages like C++,Java,
3. Mixed languages like BPELJ

1. Which one is best? Or which one we should choose?

2. We want to extend Web Services while BPEL is the orchestra of Web Services. What can be and what can not be borrowed from BPEL?

3. XQuery aims at manipulating XML by native XML language. Will XQuery plus native-web-methods-call solve all the problems to extend Web Services?

4. For the interoperability concerns, is it feasible to implement an approach like
(client) programming language---> (on the wire) XML script language ----> (server)programming language ? It is analoge to data-->xml-->data approach in current SOAP.

5. One concern is about the asynchronous call in our case. Some web methods may be the one-way call. They are using techniques like WS-addressing to realize call back. How can we achieve this inside the single web service?

6. Is WSIF-like mechanism necessary to gain transparency of user's application?

2. Applying differential serialization to .NET
As I know now, .NET web methods framework is very flexible. We can use SoapExtension approach to achieve the above goal. One big advantage is we can popularize the idea of differential serialization as soon as possible. What we need to do is to implement the differential serialization logic. We do not need to implement full-fledged SOAP.
A good example of SoapExtension is to compress SOAP message. The link is at

3. CCA over .NET
It might be a good master project. And after it, we can discuss the interoperability between different CCA platforms. I do not think I have time to do it.

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